Friday, June 26, 2009

My Birthday

Carys and my birthday are exactly a week apart. I didn't want to share my birthday, but it's kind of cool that our birthdays will be on the same day of the week, hers first and then mine.

Corey always complains about holidays and birthdays and it was no different this year as my birthday approached. So I told him he was off the hook for buying presents if he'd just take me to the Moka (my favorite local coffee shop) for lunch and I would get EVERYTHING I wanted (lunch, frappicino, dessert...:)).

It was a lovely time! I love my small town and knowing the people that own and work at area businesses so well! It was fun to get out with Carys and see some of the people that worked there that we've formed relationships with! Lunch was delicious as well as my frappicino and my cinnamon twist and then they gave me a birthday gift to boot and I picked out a chocolate chip cookie! (At that rate, I'll never lose weight!:))

On our way home for naps, Corey stops at the cutest shop in town called the Sassy Sunflower and leaves all of us in the van while he goes in. We're all wondering what's going on...he came out with a gift certificate for me for my birthday! What a sweetie! I love the way he does things; it cracks me up - no pomp and ceremony.:)

After naps, we went down to our loon nursery. It was a lovely walk through the woods and Caedmon LOVED being near the water. We heard the loons but didn't see any.

For supper, I think I reverted back to childhood since mac and cheese and hot dogs sounded good. We made a salad to go with it of course!:) Had to get something healthy in there! And for dessert - chocolate cake with cream cheese chocolate frosting! Oh it was sooo yummy!!!

It was a lovely day! I love birthdays and appreciate everyone making it so special for me!

At the Moka

Caedmon was up exceptionally early that morning:/

Walking the trail to see the loons

Hanging out on the deck near the lake

Looking for loons

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