Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

These photos were taken by a friend - it's kind of nice to be off picture duty for a few days!:)

We experienced our first Bellaire Memorial Day Parade last week. You could see the beginning and the end at the same time!:) But it felt nice to be involved, even if only as a spectator, in a small town event.

Caedmon loved watching the trucks, his new fascination, and the dogs in the crowd. He wasn't at all phased by the guns that went off.

We opened up the church for bathroom usage and had coffee and donuts for those interested. Our church is in such a great location, right downtown. We hope to take advantage of our location in many ways in the near future!
I believe he's saying "truck" here

He looks like he's directing traffic:)

After the parade, the guys went to the park
while I went and checked out a new boutique in town:)

Corey has been bringing me flowers from our garden lately and Caedmon's caught on quickly. Corey told me that the other day Caedmon picked up a flower off the ground and said "mama."

For some reason, I love this pic!


Neal, Rachel and Morgan said...

Keelie-you look great for being ready to give birth!!!!

Keelie said...

I don't think people quite believe me when I tell them I'm due any day - actually had an older woman ask me if I really knew what this was all about!:/