Friday, June 5, 2009

Name Significance

I forgot to explain about our baby girl's name.

First, a pronunciation guide (this is how Corey explained it on Facebook):

Carys rhymes with Paris; Desse sounds like Jesse and Anaya (Un - eye - ahh)

Carys means "love" in Welsh. The middle name is a combination of our mother's maiden names. My mother's maiden name is Dessecker, so we shortened it to "Desse" and Corey's mother's maiden name is Anaya.


Joey said...

Thanks! I love Carys! I was assuming/hoping it was pronounced that way...great pick once again! I'm so happy for you guys!

This last sentence is here just to prove that I can write a sentence without an exclamation point...

Keelie said...

Well Joey, I usually can't!:)

auntlori said...

I googled Anaya- it means "God Answered" very appropriate!