Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wildlife in Our Yard

I love the wildlife we have come through our yard, just about as much as Caedmon does!:) I've always enjoyed watching the birds and we finally got some feeders up in our tree. Today I was excited to see a bird I'd not ever seen on our feeders before!

A Pileated Woodpecker!

Mother's Day

Corey announced it was time to go Sunday afternoon (Mother's Day) - to where I didn't know. We ended up in TC and he got me a swing that I had been wanting to purchase with the money I'd received from the end of the bowling league season. He surprised me with a lovely wooden swing - I had been looking at the metal kind with the padding and awning, but this one was a better deal and will last a lot longer! Then he took me to Olive Garden - yummy! Poor guy had planned on taking me to Pizza Hut since it's my favorite pizza, but when he pulled into the place (I didn't know where we were going for supper), I complained about having had pizza the night before and I really wanted Olive Garden...can I blame being pregnant?:/ He should know by now that you better ask a pregnant lady what she's in the mood for when it comes to food! It changes often and quickly! He was a trooper and although I'm sure he wished he'd left me at home (we then pulled into Olive Garden and I asked if there was some place else we were going while in TC 'cause I wasn't yet hungry and so he pulled back out while sighing and rolling his eyes and went to Meijer for the swing) it turned out to be a lovely time!

Then on Thursday, the UPS guy arrives at our house with a package for me! Corey got me an Anne Geddes book! I've been obsessed with her stuff lately! Totally in baby mode!:) Love her photography!

Thanks babe for making me feel special!

He put my swing together the next day and
the same evening he started right in on coating it with a sealant.
It looks great and I'm enjoying it immensely!


Now that is impressive!:)


I've been babysitting for some friends whose regular daycare person had to get her greenhouse business going for the spring/summer. It's been challenging as the ages of their children are almost 3 and almost 1 and Caedmon is 20 months. Caedmon and their little girl have a tough time sharing, so I feel like a referee a lot of the time. But they have some sweet moments and I was able to capture a couple of those.

36 Weeks (9 months)

This was almost two weeks ago now (I'm always a little slow about this blogging thing...). Anyway, this coming Tuesday I'll be 38 weeks. It's hard to believe I'm nearing the end...and the beginning!:)
Caedmon's been obsessed with babies lately. One day he carried his doll out the door, into his carseat and into the store with him! Hopefully this is a good indication! I think it will be tough for him to have a sibling taking away some of the attention he's used to getting, but we can only hope for the best!:)

Our Anniversary Trip

We took our anniversary trip a little early this year considering my due date. A couple in our church gave us their time share again for two nights. I was sooo excited just to get away (even if it was only 30 miles!:)) and do some relaxing. I wasn't all I'd hoped for...Caedmon isn't a baby anymore. We're discovering that last year, toting him around wherever we went still made for a good time. This year though...we'll have to figure out how to leave him behind next time! We had to deal with tantrums and crankiness. Oh the joys of parenthood!

We definitely had to add something new to our repertoire of things to do - parks! Caedmon can only take bookstores and coffee shops in small doses!:)

Eating at our favorite coffee shop/cafe in Petoskey -
it was a short meal - one of the times Caedmon didn't do so well...

getting some reading in while Caedmon enjoyed the sandbox

enjoying our little patio

Sweet Tooth

I was making pound cake last weekend for strawberry shortcake as a special treat Sunday morning for Mother's Day and Caedmon pointed to the beaters. It cracked me up that he understood that he'd be getting something sweet if he got to lick it. Can you tell I've been baking a lot lately?!:)