Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our Anniversary Trip

We took our anniversary trip a little early this year considering my due date. A couple in our church gave us their time share again for two nights. I was sooo excited just to get away (even if it was only 30 miles!:)) and do some relaxing. I wasn't all I'd hoped for...Caedmon isn't a baby anymore. We're discovering that last year, toting him around wherever we went still made for a good time. This year though...we'll have to figure out how to leave him behind next time! We had to deal with tantrums and crankiness. Oh the joys of parenthood!

We definitely had to add something new to our repertoire of things to do - parks! Caedmon can only take bookstores and coffee shops in small doses!:)

Eating at our favorite coffee shop/cafe in Petoskey -
it was a short meal - one of the times Caedmon didn't do so well...

getting some reading in while Caedmon enjoyed the sandbox

enjoying our little patio


Mikaela said...

Things change as they grow, which makes it challenging and a growing time for mom and dad too. Ugh, sometimes I wish there was an easy button.

Keithslady said...

I love the reading picture. Just last week I was following Gabe around the library, book in hand, getting my reading done while walking and trying not to bump into things and also "watch" him! I was thrilled when he sat down to play with the wire/bead toy for awhile.