Saturday, October 18, 2008


Another first for the little man! We went to the last high school football game in town. We only made it through the first half, but it definitely wasn't a nail biter with a score of 42-0 at halftime (and that was not in our favor!:/). It was a late night for Caedmon, but I needed to get out and do something regardless of bedtime!:) He came very close to falling asleep in my arms (he hasn't done this for probably 6 months)! He did fall asleep as soon as we got him in the car though!


Mikaela said...

Luke and I go to the Medford football games too, except we get a babysitter for the kids. It counts as work time for Luke and gets me out of the house. We think next year Traeger will be at a good age for football and are going to try to take him to the basketball games this year. One of his babysitters is on the basketball team so we think he will love watching Jimmy play and he just has a love for balls. We'll see how it works.

Keelie said...

I'm that first time mother you know... we still don't have a babysitter! When it was a neccessity while I was working and Corey was teaching a class, we had a trusted friend watch him. But now that we're in a new area... I have one friend I'd feel comfortable with... just haven't taken the step yet. I'm sure once we do it, it'll get easier.:)

Neal, Rachel and Morgan said...

I can't believe he is over 1 and this was his first football game!!! My oh my!! I think Morgan is pushing 40 games!!! What's your excuse!!!! I miss my friend so much!!!! It snowed in Saugatuck today but not any place that I was!!! Yuck!! I'm not ready for it yet but I'm glad I don't have to sit outside in it anymore!