Monday, November 19, 2007

Been Awhile

It's been awhile! Life has been kind of crazy this last week and this week is Thanksgiving! Where does time go?! It doesn't feel like the holiday season yet. Perhaps it's the lack of cold weather. Most people become depressed because of the cold weather and snow - I get depressed when we don't have a good Michigan winter! Last year was bad; I hope this year isn't a repeat!

I have an interview on Wednesday for an interpreting job in Holland (MI):). It's a full time job, but I wrote in my cover letter that I am only available for part time. The fact that I have an interview I think is a good sign. We'll see. I would like to get the job, even though I've become quite comfortable with life as it is!

We're going up north to spend Thanksgiving with Corey's parents.

Just thought I'd write real quick to let everyone know I'm still here - we're all alive and well...but Caedmon got sick the end of last week.:( Don't know how that happened! Talk about feeling ignorant! I didn't know what to do for him, so I had to make a few phone calls. It's just a cold - he's congested in his nose and it's draining into his throat. I think he's getting better - he didn't sound too bad today. I feel so sorry for him!


Hopefully I'll have time to post some pictures and write more next week!


friend said...

Have a relaxing time. I wil pray for Caed and that he keeps getting better. Many times it sounds worse then it is . Take care Keelie

friend said...

Oh, I hope you get the job:)

kathy said...

Hey Keelie did you get the job? How's Caedmon feeling? I have been posting as friend --it's just little old me :)

Keelie said...

Kathy, you have been driving me crazy, trying to figure out who friend is!:) Caedmon is still very congested; this is lasting forever!:(
Don't know about the job yet.