Wednesday, November 28, 2007


We had a nice Thanksgiving - went up to Corey's parents. It was our first long road trip with Caedmon and he is excellent in the car! He passed out right away, even though it'd been about 2 hours since his last feeding when we got started. He went 5 hours between feedings! We didn't have to stop till Grayling, about 2 1/2 hours up!
Corey's step-mom treated us like the king and queen. When dad greeted us when we first got there, he got down on his knees and addressed us as Corey's step-sister and family have been living with them for almost a year now due to their house burning down. So there wasn't a lot of room and we planned to get a hotel. But his parents gave up their bedroom to sleep in the kid's room. So we had ample room and our own bathroom, which Sarah made her vanity into a changing table as well.

This is Corey's dad with his 2 biological grandchildren. Maria is Corey's brother's little girl. We found out this weekend that not only is Caedmon the first grandchild to carry on the LeCureux name, but he's also the first great-grandchild to do so! Wow!:)

Here's Sarah (Corey's step-mom) with Caedmon. Good thing she doesn't read this blog - she scolded us all weekend for taking her picture! She held him every chance she got.:)

This of course is me with Caedmon and Henry (Corey's step-sister's little boy). He's quite an aggressive little guy, but he was a lover with Caedmon - was constantly giving him kisses. It was so sweet!:)

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jennie said...

I am glad you had such a great thanksgiving. Caedmon is very cute. Give me a call sometime.
Miss you.