Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July Weekend

We went up to Corey's folks' for July 4th weekend. Caedmon talks about Papa and Nana and "kitty kitty" (they have a cat) all the time, so it's always fun to go and see them. And they always take such good care of us - I feel like a kid being spoiled while I'm there!:) It was a lovely weekend!

Nana lovin' on Miss Carys

Sharing the love:)

Caedmon got his first fishing pole on the way up north!

Off to the creek to try it out!

Waiting for the parade to begin

(Ben, I wasn't trying to copy your photography, but how'd I do?:))

Miss Carys in her festive hat hanging out in the sling with me:)

Holding his bag to collect candy in -
not too much made it in there - not that I minded:)

At least one sucker did:)

Hanging out in the backyard after a nap

Playing with dada

We went over to some friends the evening of the 4th -
they had their third baby 2 1/2 weeks after Carys was born -
it's fun being at the same stage with children!

We decided not to brave the fireworks with Caedmon, which frustrated Nana, but he likes his routine and doesn't do too well when it gets past his bedtime! So Miss Carys and I went with Nana to the fireworks while Corey and Dad held down the fort with Caedmon and Nascar:)


Anonymous said...

In my parade photos, I had the setting on the lightest one, and it was a bright day, so the white people disappeared; only the part Mexicans showed up...

Keelie said...

lol...well i don't have so many settings...mine's cheap comparatively speaking:)but it does okay