Friday, June 20, 2008

Surprise Birthday Weekend

The surprise weekend was supposed to be for our anniversary, but the first available reservations ended up closer to my birthday, so Corey switched it to my birthday weekend.:) Fine with me!
A couple in our new church have a time share and gave us a weekend at Boyne Mountain! I was in the dark until we pulled in and couldn't believe where we were! The accomodations were wonderful!
Shortly after we arrived, Corey took off to the nearest grocery store for supper. He cooked supper and even got a cake for me!
Saturday, we spent much of the day in Petoskey, one of my favorite towns up north! Corey sat in a coffee shop doing homework while Caedmon and I walked around town and shopped. I had fun spending some birthday money from my Grandpa.:)
We left Sunday morning, but I wanted to stay longer! We had a lovely weekend!

VERY early Sat. morning.
Wouldn't let "ma ma ma ma" stay in bed,
so he rolled around the living room while mom showered.
Fun with "dada"
In a Petoskey park

Fun on the floor

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The VanderZwaag's said...

Love the new haircut!!!!!! Way to catch up on the blogging world!