Sunday, June 1, 2008

Highlight from the Weekend - Friday

We celebrated year #4 last Thursday and Corey surprised me with a weekend in Traverse City! We had offers to watch Caedmon, but I won't be leaving him overnight till he's done nursing, and even then, who knows when...:) So this anniversary weekend included our son and that was fine! It was just fun to be away as a family, hanging out and enjoying "firsts" with Caedmon!
These past four years have been the best of my life and I look forward to many more! I've been abundantly blessed and truly couldn't ask for more!

Love this pic!:) Like father, like son!
(yeah, yeah, I know he's not suppposed to be watching TV)

Downtown TC - Caedmon loves the sound of water running

Chattin' while waiting to order our food at a cute pizza place downtown - delicious!

Waitress even found something for Caedmon! We had to watch him closely - even though they were hard as rock, he managed to bite pieces off!

Daddy is so much fun!:)


Anonymous said...

How do you get such great pic's?. I love the one of the guys watching T.V. Oh, they're all so good!

Baby Love said...

I love TC! Too bad it's not warmer. :) Are you planning on moving up to N. MI? My parents are still living in Grayling :)

The VanderZwaag's said...

How fun!!! I love the picture of them both laying on the bed!!! So funny!!! Glad you had fun in TC! Did they have a HD up there??? :) HEHE!!!!

gary said...

Great pics, Keelie! You have an eye for capturing much of your life in a single moment. Thanks for sharing -- children are so precious and brilliant!

Mikaela said...

So glad you took time to celebrate! It's worth it! Happy Anniversary!

toby said...

Love the pics, Keelie. Seeing you guys with your boy makes me sooo anxious for time with mine! We can't wait for our little boy to come into this world! Greatness!!

I am so happy for you and Corey. You both deserve so much and more! I am especially happy that after everything you have went through you are where you are! I love you guys!