Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Fun

We're usually gone this weekend on our anniversary trip, but this year we're going a different weekend, so we had to figure out what to do with ourselves on Memorial Day.
We ended up taking a hike through the woods of Hoffmaster with a friend and spent some time on the beach.
Then we threw some meat on the grill and added a couple more friends to the festivities. It was a fun day!

We didn't get too far with this set up,
but yes, the dog did get to ride shot gun.

Which left Ben and I packed in like sardines in the back with Caedmon.

The crew

Caedmon fussed most of the way back and when we finally decided to take him out of the backpack and carry him the rest of the way, he was out in 30 seconds.

Back home enjoying the back yard - it was a lot warmer here than at the lake!


Keithslady said...

ENJOY the memories and times with your little guy now. It's such a wonderful time. Even if you have others it's different when you're sharing the baby time with toddlers, or school age children. Not bad, just different. You are in a precious moment of life.

Anonymous said...

In the last picture, Corey looks like he is having a very serious discussion with his son..... some deep life lesson I am sure.--