Saturday, May 10, 2008

Restaurant Fun

Last week (yeah, I know, it's been awhile) we took some friends out for supper. Kathy's been watching Caedmon for us a couple times a week while Corey teaches a Bible class.(THANK YOU!) We took them to The Sardine Room, a favorite spot of ours. We finally decided to try the high chair. Caedmon's still not sitting up on his own, and he's always leaning, but we decided to try it. He did quite well, but still ended up in mommy and daddy's arms about halfway through.

Don't we look like a big boy!

Grabbing anything in our reach is our favorite thing to do!
Yes, the silverware went crashing to the floor.

The "lean"


Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers day to you!! MY baby sang a song this morning for me. So special, she did a great job.:)

Anonymous said...

Oh and THANK-YOU for sharing that special resturant with us-- I really enjoyed it !!

Anonymous said...

Keelie - absolutely love "the lean"!!