Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Baby is Growing Up!

I just can't believe how fast Caedmon is growing up. I'm constantly surprised by what he's capable of (and he's probably capable of many things before I realize it - I guess I want to keep him a baby as long as possible!).

Last week Tuesday, we decided to try putting Caedmon
in the small "high chair" while we ate supper. It was just so weird to see him sitting in it looking like a big boy!

Last weekend, we went up north. Corey's been filling pulpit and the guy he's filling in for is letting us stay at his house on a lake! It's a beautiful area and house and it's a nice getaway for us! So, before we got ready to leave, we finally installed the new car seat. It is really difficult getting a baby in and out of a car seat in a little car, but I'm definitely enjoying carrying Caedmon alone without the infant carrier! The combination was way too heavy!

Last Saturday, we drove over to Traverse City and walked the mall. Another milestone - Caedmon rode in the stroller without the infant carrier! Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture.:( Again, I keep thinking that he needs to sit on an incline, but he's pretty capable of sitting straight up!

Today, at my student's job site, she was cleaning a nursery and I saw an Ultra Saucer and thought, "I bet Caedmon could sit in that now!" We brought it up from the basement and he really enjoyed it! It's very stimulating!:)

My baby is going to be 20 weeks on Friday! Most people's reaction to his age is, 'oh, he's just a little guy!' But to me, he's no longer an infant. When you start out with a baby from day 1, by 5 months they seem huge and "grown up!" Or maybe just my baby seems huge!:)


gary said...

Hey, Keelie! Thanks for the post. I love reading about child development and family life now because we were *right there* with Parker just a few short months ago. Time flies. My only advice would be to take lots of pictures. Once they grow up, all we'll have beside memories is things we document! Corey does a fine job of writing to his son through his blog -- you guys keep up the good work.

thanks for the post :D

(and I hope you all aren't mad that I poked fun at your sister when she posted a comment... I was just messin' around)

Keelie said...

She's an easy target - no offense taken!:) I just had to go in search of your comment - hadn't even read it. And I also just checked her blog for the first time since she started it - guess she didn't get very far!:) Blogging must be difficult!

Anonymous said...

It's all perspective. I'm 25 and people still call me a baby. Maybe it's time for me to give up the binky...