Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas Eve Gathering

I put together Cheeseburger Soup and a few hors D'oeurves in the morning and we made last minute plans to have over our friends from our small group. We combined efforts with them and some other friends to "adopt a family" over the holidays. So we got together, ate food, played outside, wrapped presents, played games and then two of the daughters and I delivered the gifts in drive-by fashion.

We were at home on Christmas Eve and Christmas this year since Corey's brother, Anthony, came up the week before. I so enjoyed being able to share the holidays with friends!

wrapping gifts

Carys enjoying the wrapping paper:)

I'm not sure the boys ever stopped throwing snow at Corey,
even though it ended up with them being thrown in the snow...
that's probably what they wanted!:)

Carys trying to see what the guys are doing outside -
she always wants to be in on the action!

A few more joined the fun!

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