Tuesday, January 19, 2010

7 Months Old


January 3rd marked 7 months for Carys! Truly, where did time go?!

7 Months and she's finally let up on the spitting! Hallelujah! When we saw the doctor right before Christmas, and I was asking about it yet again, thinking it should be coming to an end and he said it could very possibly continue to be an issue till 9 months! Yuck! But we got lucky!:)

As of Dec. 22nd, she measured 27 in. and weighed in at 16lbs. Still tall and skinny so they tell me.:)

She's enjoying pulling herself up onto her knees using anything she can get her hands on. There's a pic on my New Years Day post that shows this.

Jan. 6th, Corey spotted a tooth, finally! Bottom left and then right after it, the bottom right popped up.

The spitting has abated but her crankiness persists. Perhaps teeth have contributed of late, but I think I'm seeing her personality more than anything. She's very much a mama's girl and every once in awhile, she'll be playing quite well all by herself, but if she happens to spot me, she starts fussing and crawling after me. It doesn't even matter if Caedmon or Corey are around. She does a lot of squealing/screaming, I think just to hear her own voice. And a short scream/squeal, full of attitude, seems to be normal communication. She has a personal space issue and because of this, I often come running, assuming my son is doing something to her, when it's just because he's too close that she's raising the roof! She's quite the character.

But, she lights up a room with her smile (as the pictures show) and her giggle is contagious!

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