Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hanging Out With Grandparents

Caedmon and I took a road trip this week to see Corey's parents. We haven't been up since Christmas and decided we didn't have to wait for Corey to be able to go up with us. So, while he was working, we went to see Nanna and Papa. And Caedmon can say both their names, but I'm not sure he really know what they mean yet.
Sarah plans to help out when I go into the hospital, so we decided Caedmon needed to spend a little more time with her!
We had a great time, just getting away from the house and doing something out of the ordinary. We were loved on and well taken care of!

Caedmon was obsessed with the cat immediately,
but wasn't so sure he wanted to leave mommy's side at first.
He eventually warmed up and "cat" was the
first thing he'd sign when he woke up!
Not sure how much the cat enjoyed him...

Looking at singing Hallmark cards with Nanna.
(Perks of owning a garbage business...
you never know what you're going to find in the trash -
I can't believe Hallmark throws cards away!)

Enjoying his first ice cream cone -
and I didn't even teach him how to eat it!
He just stuck his tonuge out right away...
and way before his mouth was ever close to the ice cream!
It was hilarious!

Papa showing him the bear outside of the restaurant


Mikaela said...

Love all the posts! I am learning to get away when Luke has events too. It makes the weekend go a lot better for me. I'm living and learning :O) I think one of my most favorite pictures of the latest posts was of Caedmon giving Neo a cute and frameable.

Keelie said...

I would never have thought to frame's really cute, but I'm not very fond of that dog...guess I better get over it - he's around for the long haul I'm sure, and my son adores him!:)

Keesha said...

Keelie . . . there is nothing in this world that brings an instant smile to my face like Caedmon! I'm not even kidding! When I look at pictures of him, I can not stop smiling! He is so precious! And honestly, he looks more and more like you every day! :-)

Neal, Rachel and Morgan said...

Hey there!!! Looks like things are going well! I would love to see a prego shot though!! :) Love all the pics of Caedmon! I was just going through old pictures of last spring break and our little get together! How quickly they grow up! Talk soon!