Saturday, April 4, 2009

Enjoying Fresh Air...

...and his dog! Caedmon loves Neo - the feelings are not mutual. We have the biggest dog and he's scared of a little kid, not because Caedmon is mean to him, just because he's so dumb! I think they'll play together well as Caedmon gets older.

Caedmon loves to follow him around! Which works great for me...I make sure Neo stays close while we're outside and Caedmon is close by as well!

Again, this was a couple weeks ago when we were having exceptionally warm weather! It was wonderful! I think we're ready for some more! But even just a lack of snow makes it easier to go outside now!

I have to constantly keep after Neo to heel
or he'd pull Caedmon right over!
Caedmon had a little dog....
and everwhere that Neo went,
the babe was sure to go
(to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb)

Caedmon loves to give hugs!
(and not just to the dog! I LOVE his affectionate ways!)

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