Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat

Rainy and cold and we braved it all for candy!:) That's pretty much the kind of weather you can expect around here on Halloween! But, it was our first year trick or treating with the kids and we went with friends which makes for a good time!:) We trick or treated downtown where all the area businesses hand out candy. We saw tons of people we know and had a great time!

My little animals - Caedmon a dog and Carys a cat.
(Caedmon did NOT like the hood of his costume!:/)
(Notice how they make baby costumes like snowsuits around here?)

The firefighters handed out candy -
you walked in the truck on one side and walked out on the other.
Pretty neat!

Mikki and her boys, Josh on her shoulders and Bryce next to her.

One of the area churches had carved pumpkins and
had them out for people to vote on the one they liked best.

Miss Sam and Miss Carys

We met up with more friends at the church

Corey didn't trick or treat with us
because he was passing out candy at the church.
Well, passing out candy and playing!:)

The paramedics handed out glow bracelets

I think he thinks the dog is chasing him!:)
The ice cream shop hands out ice cream cones! Mmmm!
Although, a little cold for ice cream!

We had a great time, but were glad to be headed to dry and warm places!:)

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Dana said...

That is really cute!!! And looks like it was lots of fun too!