Sunday, December 30, 2007


The weekend before Christmas,
we went up to Corey's parents' house to celebrate.

As, you can see, Caedmon is really into this Christmas thing.:)
Slept right through all the opening of gifts!

He finally did wake up to enjoy his new toys!

Christmas Eve, we had dinner with the Lindemulders,
Corey's aunt and uncle and cousins.
We had a wonderful time - ate delicious food,
enjoyed lively conversation
(provided by the guys - Corey and his cousin's husband got into some interesting debates!:)),
and played Catch Phrase.

Aunt Lois and Caedmon

Sarah, Julianna(Janna), and Caedmon

Christmas Day, we drove down to Niles and spent the day with the Colbys,
some very dear friends of ours. Once again, had a wonderful time!

Caedmon is a hit wherever he goes!:)

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