Friday, December 7, 2007

Lady's Man

Took my three girls from youth group out to Barnes & Noble a week ago. We had a grand time sipping on Frappicinos/hot chocolate and reading out of a "Would You Rather" book.

Caedmon, of course, has captured their hearts!:)

Love you girls!:)


Joey said...

Hey, I have a polo shirt just like that little little cousin (or first cousin once removed, or second or third or whatever cousin) and I can match!

kathy said...

Thank- you Keelie sooooo much for the role model you are for my daughter (and the other girls too of course). She LOVES spending time with you. I am so blessed to have some one like you to mentor her -- she is watching and learning from you. Thank-you for taking the time to love her and giving her an adult to share her secrets with and being there to give wise counsel when she needs it-- I Love You -Keelie.. Oh, I am waiting to get to play with Caedmon again--This time we will stay away from the tree I promise:)

Keelie said...

Thanks Kathy for the encouragement! It's a huge responsibility to be a good role model, and I can only hope that I am one!
Caedmon would love to play again - and he's sure that'll you'll protect him from all evil... or just naughty Christmas trees!:)