Sunday, December 30, 2007


It wasn't that long ago when I looked forward to time at home, alone, with nothing going on! It's a rare occasion when you're in the ministry! There's always something going one, either at church or in your home!

But things are different now. Corey and I are both unemployed, and this means day after day of just being in this stinkin' house!:/ It's nice having time together as a family, and we're not even on each other's nerves, but I need a change of scenery and I could use some time with friends!

We have no plans for New Year's Eve, but if we don't do something, I just might have to commit myself!


keithslady said...

Leave now and you can get here by 6 for soups, snacks, and games!

Keelie said...

sounds like fun!:)