Thursday, September 23, 2010

Trip to Detroit

We took our "anniversary" trip the middle of June and, with kids in tow, headed to Detroit for a Tiger's game and the zoo. I wish I had tempered my excitement, 'cause making trips with kids is not at all relaxing! But we did get out of town for a few days.:)

This is at the hotel restaurant the first night and it didn't go so well. This picture cracked me up! Quick story: A few weeks later this couple came up to us at our coffee shop in Bellaire and said they recognized us from somewhere and we all racked our brains and couldn't figure it out....until we got to talking about kids and "vacations" and they then figured out that they had seen us at this restaurant (above pic). Why were we memorable? 'Cause my daughter was a handful that night and I looked like a "tired mom." Awesome.

Lounging during lunch before the game Sunday

Must be something fascinating on TV

At the game: I got to see the first inning and the last inning and
in between hung out with my kids in lines for rides.
And we only rode two rides once each!

Enjoying way too much ice cream
while mama enjoys the last of the game

Caedmon couldn't wait to ride in the "train,"
otherwise known as a people mover.

We were pretty high up;
the view was just a parking lot,
but it doesn't take much!:)

Probably a highlight for Caedmon was swimming;
he even got to the point he didn't need dada to hold him!

We opted for supper IN the hotel room; it's just easier to stay in.

Riding the train at the zoo; another highlight for Caedmon!

Caedmon was in heaven!

Observing a little crocodile.

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