Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Day at the Cottage

A friend of a friend has a cottage about 20 minutes or so from our house and we spent a day and night there emjoying some fun and relaxation. It was nice to get away from our house even for just a day and enjoy a leisurely day on the lake, kayaking, sitting around a campfire, enjoying good food and great company!

Caedmon with "Aunt" Sarah (his friend Jack's aunt)
Mama and Carys kayaking - she loved it!

and she loved climbing it and keeping mama vigilant!

The boys, doing some kayaking on land.:)

Carys keeping warm with dada

Jack and Caedmon enjoying the setting sun...
or just making their parents nervous...

for good reason...Jack finally took the dive of the dock

a quick morning didn't last long for the cooler temps

waiting patiently for breakfast

6/27 - 6/28/10

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