Saturday, November 6, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Another cold Halloween! I love that you can find full body, fleece costumes in northern Michigan!:)

We went trick or treating downtown again this year. It was a lot tougher this year with two. I had two last year, but Carys was in the sling. She wasn't too thrilled about the trick or treating part; she wanted to do the eating part!

This pic cracks me up -
it sums up my daughter's mood.
(she's flapping her hands in a tantrum)

I put her down to let her walk by herself,
but we didn't get anywhere.

Caedmon could have stayed at the fire truck all night!

Some of the friends we hung out with...

and more friends:)

Fun was had by all!
Well, mama had fun when she got to dig into the candy later!:)


Anonymous said...

It's February Keelie - where are xmas posts? What's new over there?

Keelie said...

Oh goodness! I knew it'd been awhile since I posted...I didn't realize how long!:/ So sorry to my faithful followers! I'll try to post some pics soon.