Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Trip to Wisconsin 2010

We made the trip over to Wisconsin to see my side of the family for Thanksgiving as well as attend my cousin's wedding. My Aunt Cindy and Uncle Keith hosted our family along with a slew of other people! We hadn't been over in four years, so it was the first time with the kids. We had a good time seeing everyone again.

Caedmon and Karissa(My cousin Ellen's little girl)

Only a few of the many in this house:)

Carys playing with Karissa
(there were way too many names with the "k" sound:
Caedmon, Carys, Carson, Kiera, and Karissa)

Carys took Joey's seat and so he sat down behind her
and she was quite oblivious.

My aunt had just cut Gabe's hair
and I selfishly asked if she would cut Caedmon's.
Like she didn't have anything better to do,
being mother of the bride!
(I haven't cut it since!:) )

Caedmon and Kiera - he loves the babies!

Carys and Kiera - she's a popular lady!

We "snuck" out of the full house
with Joey and his family
for lunch at a local coffee shop.
Thankfully this place was child friendly!:)

Caedmon and Gabe playing together.
I think Caedmon could have stayed here forever.
I didn't get enough pictures to do our stay here justice,
but there were so many playmates and so many toys,
and even an indoor slide! He was in heaven!:)

Couldn't resist posting this pic!
Miss Kiera with her Aunt Priscilla
right before Dana's wedding.


Joey said...

Thank you for posting these! Such great memories.

Keelie said...

Took me long enough! I just realized I forgot to post that great pic of you and Carys...may have to go back and edit it.:)