Thursday, February 24, 2011

December Captured

 The beginning of December always brings with it
one of my favorite traditions: 
finding the perfect Christmas tree.

 Caedmon had fun helping mama put the lights on the tree.

 I didn't put sugar cookies on the list this year, 
but I decided the kids would enjoy the experience, 
so we made a small batch and kept them for ourselves.:)
Carys was into eating the dough more than cutting out cookies!

 My little dears

 Caedmon loves decorating the tree 
and especially putting the candy canes on it!

 Cousins, enjoying Blue's Clues...
at least Caedmon's glued!

 Caedmon enjoyed a specially frosted cookie 
from Grandma right before bed Christmas Eve

 Christmas morning the kids found Carys' gift waiting;
amazing how fun a table and chairs can be!
 The train was a big hit!

 Grandpa's present, a Wii, was also a hit!

 Carys took a ride on the snowmobile,
showing a more adventuresome spirit than her brother.

 Cousins enjoying the Wii

Merry Christmas 2010

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Keith, Christy and Brooke said...

Hi Keelie! Enjoyed seeing pictures of your little ones - wow, growing up I know to well. Brooke is 8 going on 18 ha! Hope you are all doing well.
Love, Aunt Christy