Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Ride in a Saddle...

...on a real horse!!! Well, technically, a pony. A man in our church owns a horse ranch and we decided to get Caedmon out of the house and do something fun. We weren't sure what he'd do when placed on the horse, but he never cried. I couldn't quite tell if he wanted to as the horse walked across the barn and Caedmon was jostled back and forth, but he was a trooper. He loves animals! He knows tons of animal signs, but horse is difficult and he hasn't quite pulled that one off yet. We're still trying!

Me trying to teach him the sign for "horse."

The ranch is called "Coyote Bill's" and

Bill thought we needed a picture with a real, dead coyote.:)


Neal, Rachel and Morgan said...

How fun! Bet it isn't quite like Sandy the horse at Meijers! How cool!!! Love to see you still doing sign!! :) Hehe!!!!!!

Anonymous said... cool..does rent horses?...that would be fun next time I come up...anyway, Caed looks like natural on that pony..., love ya Kathy

Neal, Rachel and Morgan said...

Not sure what your problem is! I can totally leave a comment. You have to look carefully...the comment button is there!