Friday, February 19, 2010

8 Months

Carys turned 8 months on February 3rd. Corey said today that 'she's the fastest army crawler in the state.' :) She's hilarious to watch. She uses anything and everything to pull herself up. She climbs up onto the dishwasher door when I'm loading or emptying it. She climbs under the chairs and over the bars at the bottom of the chairs. She's got so much energy!

Although she's taken a few "steps" on her hands and knees, she still crawls on her belly. And when she's standing, she doesn't move her legs too much, so I don't see walking in the very near future.

She's eating solids very well and doesn't seem to dislike anything as of yet.

She has three teeth - two on bottom and one on top.

She loves to insert her opinion often. :) She has lots to say! She says "ma ma" and I think she even knows it's me since she usually says it when she's crawling after me.:) Corey has tried to get her to say "dada" to no avail. We have her on video saying "la la" instead. :)

She's already asserting herself as a leader. :) Her BIG brother follows her everywhere and mimics everything she does. It's quite funny.

She still gets up between 3am and 5am to eat. :/ And although she goes back to sleep, she's starting to get up earlier - this morning it was 6:45am, which I guess isn't all that early, but I'd gotten used to sleeping past 7am.:)

She's been so much fun lately. Her temperament has been better the last week or so. And I've decided she has my smile - she squints her eyes and she smiles as big as possible. :)

Carys at 8 months

Caedmon at 8 months

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