Monday, March 9, 2009

Close to the Action

Getting supper ready has always been a difficult time for us - Caedmon decides that this is the time of day he has to be held and receiving all my attention. So a few days ago, I got this "brilliant" idea to put the step stool at the counter so he could be close to me. It works great, but we've created a monster! Anytime we're at the counter at all now, he runs for the stool! I will usually fill the sink with some water and throw in some containers and utensils. He loves it, but he's started pouring the water outside of the sink.:/ So, we put towels down. I'm so glad that I'm able to find the patience, most of the time, to allow him to do these things.

I put an apron on and he wanted one as well:)

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Anonymous said...

You made me cry...I did the same with my kids...they loved the bubbles!! I need to find those pic's a post them on facebook..:) Thanks Keelie....What wonderful memories you are making...your a great mom....
Another favorite...running through mud puddles and getting t covered in mud from head to toe...just a diaper on
I'll be waiting to see that pic...:).....kathy