Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Second Word

A few days ago, Corey called me into the living room and told me he thought Caedmon had said his second word. That word would be...mama? NO! Of course not! Why would we ever want to say mama? His second word...Carl. Carl??!! you say. Where did that come from? Well, have you heard of the books about a Rottweiler dog named Carl? He has a board book about Carl the dog and he LOVES that book! So, when Corey called me out to the living room, he had been "reading" (it's a picture only book) to Caedmon and Caedmon started saying "Car" (not a lot of emphasis on the "r") and Corey had to think a minute, trying to figure out if he was trying to say something. Since then, he continues to say "Car" when he's reading the book and even when he's not. Now, when asked to say mama, I'm met by either silence, a scream, dada, or car. Gee, thanks dude! Love you too! Truly I do!:)

Sometimes when it get's really silent in the living room,
we'll come out to check on him and he'll be "reading" his Carl book.
It's so cute!


The VanderZwaag's said...

That's awesome!!!! I'm sure you were so proud!!! I'm glad Morgan said Mama before Boomer!! Maybe you should read a book all about Mama!!!! :)

watchman said...

Well, I was surprised that his next words weren't -

"go away, Neo!"