Sunday, August 3, 2008

With Daddy In Charge...

I asked Corey to get Caedmon into his pajamas and this is what he came out wearing, with an explanation from Caedmon, through Corey, 'This is what dada wears to bed!' Needless to say, I put a pajama top on him before he went to bed. :)

I thought this picture was hilarious! Looks like he's sucking in the gut
and showing off the pipes all at the same time! :)

He's in the middle of turning in circles here. It's funny to watch!

And yes, once again, he's watching TV and is utterly too close! (He didn't stay there long.)


watchman said...

Cute kid. Want to make him even cuter? You should tape a beard to his face.

Keelie said...

haha - unfortunately for him, I'm sure that will come all too soon!