Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Extra Day

I am now working an extra day a week; that equals 4 days a week now - Monday - Thursday.
And as a friend commented on my last post, yes, this may mean more time lapsing in between posts. I'll do my best to keep up, but life is going to be very busy, between work, house work, spending time with Caedmon, trying to sell a house, and going up north.

I told Corey the other day that I really like our set up. It's only logical that I work considering Corey would probably have to work double the time to make the same amount of money (sorry Babe). He's bringing in money through a Bible class he's teaching this semester and refereeing soccer games. And he does a wonderful job as a "male mom," in his words.:)

Our current situation is not what I grew up with or what I thought would ever be the case for me, but I've learned that there's not just one way to do things. Every family should go with what works best for them! And it's working for us!

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Anonymous said...

Corey is a great dad. He gets to spend time with Caedmon this may not always be the case.We do not live cookie cutter lives, God uses every circumstance, this is where He has you guys for now. Draw from it, try to see Him in it-every moment(I know Corey is saying -even in the messy diaper stuff lol) I say yes even in the not so pleasent stuff --God is there.I love you guys you are doin a great job-- I can tell Caedmon is VERY well loved. Kathy