Sunday, March 30, 2008

Six Months and Solids!

Yaahhh, Caedmon's 6 months old as of Friday, March 28th and can now begin the next phase of food - solids! My doctor told me that babies need nothing more than breast milk till they're 6 months. Sounds good to me - it's so easy to let him be in charge of his food intake - eating when hungry and eating until he's full, not having to think about what to feed him or how much. Except this one little problem: this past week, all week, he was up two and three times a night and yes, he wanted to eat. So, Friday could not come fast enough! I talked with a friend who is very health conscious and natural and she told me how to make whole grain rice cereal myself. We attempted it and in the end, the consistency wasn't much different than my milk (which is what we added, and lots of it). It was kind of a pain and I'm trying to figure out how we can minimize the work involved. I'd like to feed him whole grains, so I might see if the local health food store sells it, or I'll keep attempting to make my own.

So, his first experience with "solids" was fairly uneventful. He didn't really make any faces and seemed pretty indifferent to it all. And unfortunately, it d
idn't help him sleep through the night any better. We fed him again last night, but the same thing. He didn't want too much, but then scarfed up my milk when I nursed him again.:( Not sure if he doesn't like it, it wasn't good leftover, or it's just going to take some getting used to..? Lots of questions.

Anyway, here are a few pics.


The VanderZwaag's said...

Wow...two posts within two days! I can't believe it!!!! I remember when Morgan said cereal...she didn't really care for it at first. It took a little time getting use to we mix it with fruit. See you Tuesday!

Baby Love said...

We are starting solids too.. Christopher isn't too keen on solids, but I figure he will like it soon (hopefully before his sister is born). Good luck with the solids, and hopefully he will sleep better during the night!

Amy said...

If making the cereal is a pain, there is a great line called "Earth's Best" that is all organic. Way over here on the other side of the state, it's sold at Babies R Us but the company has a website where you can track down a store close to you.
Also, when I started solids with Alex I would nurse first then let him top off with some cereal afterward. Before bed I gave him a great big bowl of cereal to help him sleep.
6 months is a tricky stage. I think Alex hit a growth spurt when we introduced solids and that took some patience.
If you know you've fed him enough during the day, you may want to leave the night-waking to Corey. I had to lean on my husband through this stage too. The moment Alex smelled me, he wanted to eat.
o.k., that's enough out of me. :)