Tuesday, July 1, 2008

9 Months Old!

Truly, where does time go?! Corey told me the other day that Caedmon has been outside of the womb almost longer than he was inside! He's been an absolutely wonderful addition to our family. We love him to pieces!
O.k. At 9 months:
- rolling (still content at times to stay in one place)
- scooching somewhat - getting closer and closer to crawling - doing a lot of reaching, stretching his body to the max and trying with one arm and then the other to try and get something
- sitting up on his own - has great balance and only falls over once in awhile
- picking up food and getting it into his mouth
- 8 teeth (last two on the bottom came in the weekend of June 14th or thereabouts)
- says "mamamama"- has been making these sounds for a long time now, but never just "mama" and never on command - if asked to say "mama," he usually says "dada":/
- says "dada" A LOT! Started making the sounds clearing right before Father's Day:) Now he often repeats "dada" after we say it
- takes steps when holding on to someone; he's been doing this for a few months
- he's found his voice and he loves to scream; either because he's excited or mad or just trying to get attention. This is lots of fun in public places!:/

Hope I captured all of the big stuff and some of the little!

Caedmon, you are the best! Dada and Mama love you so very very much. We are having so much fun getting to know you and watch your personality blossom. We look forward to many fun years ahead!

Simply Adorable!


Mikaela said...

What a handsome little man! Love all your posts!

gary said...

I love that picture!