Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm A Big Boy Now!

I believe it was last Wednesday, June 25th, that Caedmon finally got a Cheerio into his mouth all by himself! So Thursday, for breakfast, I threw a few onto his tray and he gobbled them right up. This has become our routine for breakfast now, along with sliced banana, avacado, or a cooked carrot or two. I've decided to try different foods and some of the same in different form, but only food that I can put on his tray and he can eat by himself. Thought I'd see how he would eat if he could do it himself as well as make the decision of what goes into his mouth and what doesn't. I don't know how much better we're doing. It's hard for me to be patient when I want him to get the healthy nutrients from veggies and fruits. So far, we just really like the Cheerios and graham crackers. So much for my health food ambitions! Everytime I go to the farmer's market, I want to cry over all the new veggies I was going to puree and try with him!

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