Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth Festivities

We had a nice Fourth, even though we just stayed home. We attempted a family photo shoot in the a.m. Put the camera on timer - you know how it to get in the picture,etc. The misquitoes were nasty so we didn't get the perfect picture - oh well. Attempted a photo shoot with just Caedmon inside, but again, lighting wasn't good, etc. Blurry or not though, he sure is cute!:)

A friend came over, we threw some chicken on the grill, played with sparklers to give Caedmon somewhat of a 4th of July exerience (since we didn't even consider the fireworks - it's one thing to keep a baby out till 10p.m.; it's a whole other ballgame to go to something that doesn't start till 10p.m.! We would have had one crabby boy on our hands!), and then put him to bed.

The three of us played bocce ball. I'm a gamer, so I had a lot of fun...and not only because I won both games either!:)

We topped off the evening with dessert and a movie. After moaning the blues that morning because I thought we weren't going to do anything, we had quite a nice day! Thanks Ben for hanging out with us!:)


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!! We chilled after n awesome time in Ohio :) You guys north now? I am praying for a great week.... miss ya

Mikaela said...

What sweet pictures! One of my favorite is you and your little guy on the swing!

Anonymous said...

The one with the swing is a great picture.