Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve Morning

We haven't yet started our own family tradition for Christmas. About the only tradition we have is to go pick out a tree and cut it down ourselves. Corey and I have never bought gifts for each other and Caedmon is still too young to know what's going on. But I got him a couple of things this year and decided we'd let him open them Christmas Eve morning before we headed up to Corey's parents' house.
I'm glad I only got him two things, since he could have cared less about the second gift after opening the first. And his first give was just an ornament, more for me at this point than him I suppose, but he sure did seem to like it!:) I wanted to find an ornament that would be significant of something in his life this year and decided on a book since that is his love! I found The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle in a cute ornament! The other gift was a book I knew he'd love since it had real life pictures of deer in it!:)

He found them!:)

Hmm, now what to do?

Gettin' the hang of it...

Fascinated by his ornament
His book, and his right hand is signing "bird" -
his version of it anyway -
it's supposed to be up by the mouth...

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Dana said...

Wow Keelie, he is absolutely adorable!!! Hope all is going well for you. Maybe I'll somehow get a chance to see you in the nearish future! ;)