Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Friend Came to Play!

Ben made the trip up again - we're always glad to see a friend from down state! He's always been great with Caedmon and Caedmon loves him. Ben actually brought his snow clothes and we got out and got some fresh air! Caedmon always seems a little indifferent to being outside, but I think he has a good time. He definitely enjoyed getting all the attention for a few days!:)

He was doing a great job of walking in his boots and in the snow...
he didn't even cry when he slowly fell forward
and came up with snow on his nose.
And mommy had to get a picture before she rescued him.:/

He's signing deer - not the correct way to sign it;
he has his own version of ASL.
He's been a sponge with sign language.
He's loving animal signs right now!
And those are some difficult signs!

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