Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Date!!!

I don't have any pictures for this blog, but I have tell about our first date since Caedmon was born! Yes, we actually went out on a date!!! Without Caedmon!!!:) Some friends have been encouraging us to leave Caedmon with them and get away and we finally took them up on their offer, after they named a specific date and time for us!:) Needed the push!

We dropped him off and only the father was at home at the time, which I thought might be an issue since their little girl wasn't there to possibly distract Caedmon. But Caedmon walked right on in and went straight to their piano and began playing. So we snuck out right away!

We went to our favorite coffee shop in town which recently started staying open later and serving pizza. Right after we got there, Corey presented me with what I thought was a card in it's Hallmark bag, but it turned out to be a gift certificate for a jewelry store!!! Wow!! Totally wasn't expecting this! He had tried to pick out a piece of jewelry for me - I've been wanting a mother's pendant - but after realizing the bazillion choices he'd have to make, he just got the gift certificate instead. On our way up to his parents the next day, we stopped in Gaylord and I picked out my pendant and ordered it! I'm really excited to get it!

We had a lovely time out. We stayed our for an hour and a half and then got going, a little worried that Caedmon may have cried the whole time, and he can be very hard to calm down with mom or dad around...specifically mom. So we were more worried for our friends than for him!

We arrived at their house and walked in and the first thing I heard was absolutely nothing. I couldn't see anyone from the door we came in, but I was thinking I'd hear crying...I didn't!! In fact, he didn't cry at all and they said he didn't seem to even notice we were gone!! YAY!!! A success and now we can do it again and feel more comfortable!!!

He's growing up and adapting more easily and it's wonderful!:)

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