Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Morning - In Memory of Grandma D.

Christmas morning was definitely low key! Caedmon doesn't yet know what's going on and other family would be coming later on in the morning and afternoon, so there was no hurry to open presents. Corey and his dad headed out to get a few items and Caedmon and I sat down to breakfast at the kitchen bar.

I decided at some point earlier in the week that I really wanted my Grandma's cinnamon yeast rolls, but I'd never made them before. I wanted them bad enough that I decided to make an attempt at it. I've not been very successful in making yeasty type breads in the past, so I was a little nervous.

I called my Grandpa and got the recipe the day before Christmas Eve and knew I'd have to make them that day since we were leaving the next. It was definitely an all day affair and quite the process - they will only be made on special occassions!:)

I finished the whole process late that night and tentitively took a bite out of a roll... SUCCESS!!!:) I was sooo excited! They tasted like the rolls I remember my Grandma and mom making!

So, all that to say, Caedmon and I enjoyed a breakfast of Grandma's cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning - and they were a hit with the little man!:)

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