Sunday, February 15, 2009

Caedmon and Church:)

Our church is in the very beginning stages of starting up and therefore we have no nursery. The first couple Sundays after moving up here, I spent my time trying to hold Caedmon and keep him happy, which lasted about half of the service. Then I had to take him out. It was so frustrating! I kept thinking that going to church was pointless if I had to spend the majority of my time in the basement with my son.
I finally had this great idea - lock Caedmon into the row with chairs on either end and bring books and toys for him to play with. It worked great! He didn't mind the limitation as long as he didn't have to sit in my lap for the duration. It has worked out great for us! A little while ago, another family started attending and left their young sons at home for the first few weeks they attended. The first week they brought their sons, a lady in our congregation ran downstairs and brought up a kids' picnic table with coloring books and puzzles and placed it in the back for them.
I love that this family feels comfortable coming with their sons and no one stresses over the little noise that's made!
One of the little boys enjoys coming over to our row and hanging out with Caedmon. I captured one of these sweet moments.

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Keithslady said...

Zach plays like that just fine, but Gabe would be under the seats and up on the "stage" in a flash. We make it with books, cheerios, raisins, and water. Since he can talk and sign I never know what he will do and I always chuckle when he lets out a loud "Ba!" (it's very musical with three tones) instead of signing. Usually he signs "more" for the cheerios but last night he insisted on saying it, every time. Dana finally just took him to the "cry room" so he could just play. Note to myself--if you bring an animal book for Gabe to look at expect him to make all the animal sounds as he pages through it!