Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Hair Cut

Yeah, I finally did it. I was really dragging my feet, but it kept getting into his eyes when the top would lose its curls after sleep or hats.:) Corey kept saying I needed to do it. And every time we went out in public, someone said something about his hair. One comment: "mama didn't comb your hair this morning, huh?" Gee thanks - just trying to keep the ears warm with a hat. And he's constantly mistaken for a girl, but his hair isn't really long enough for that - come on!

Thank goodness curly hair is forgiving - I have no idea how to cut hair, but it definitely didn't need to be straight!

And he's no longer wiping it from his eyes!:)

BeforeIt's amazing how long it really is!
I saved it all!:) I only cut the front and sides.

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Mikaela said...

What a honey. His hair is so curly and cute. Never mind what the crazy people say.