Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Crisp, Refreshing Walk

A week ago we decided to take a walk down the road and across the street to Lake Bellaire. We pulled Caedmon in his sled, but we had just experienced quite a warm up and for once the roads were clear, so it was quite a noisy trip!:) The exercise felt good as did the fresh air, which had cooled back down. We got to walk out on the lake a little. I did this a lot as a little kid and I miss things like ice skating and playing football and driving out on the lakes!

It was nice to spend time together outdoors!

The trek there...

Out on the ice

No idea what he was doing, but it was cute anyway:)

Me and the little guy out on the ice

The trek back

Such a big boy!:)

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Mikaela said...

Love these pictures!