Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm a Working Mom Now

Wow! It's been over two weeks since I last blogged! Where does time go?! Well, part of my week is now filled with working.
I started last Monday. It was not difficult like I thought it might be, going back to work and leaving Caedmon at home. I was feeling guilty that I didn't cry and terribly miss him while I was gone all day. I miss him some and look forward to getting home to him, but I really do enjoy being out and doing a job I love. I think it would have been a lot worse leaving Caedmon if I'd had to do it sooner, and if I had to leave him with someone other than Corey.
I always pictured myself being a stay-at-home mom. First of all, I didn't always see the financial implications of only one of us working, and second, I never thought I'd want to work after having children. But, being that my job is specialized, I make really good money, and I guess I just need an outlet.
Working part time is wonderful! I work three days a week and have four days at home to play with Caedmon and catch up on house work! It would be tough working full time and only having Saturday and Sunday to catch up on the house and spend time with Caedmon - one or the other would probably suffer, and I wouldn't want it to be my son, but a dirty, cluttered house drives me crazy!
So, all that to say, work is great! I'm so thankful God opened this door for us!


After The Blackbird Sings said...

I'm so glad it has worked out for you guys. Things will keep getting better.

kathy said...

I am so happy for you guys. Keelie , there is nothing wrong with wanting and loving your work. There is room for that which fulfills you at work and your home life to. You have a great ministry loving the special people at work like you do. Coming from a mom who is very thankful for teachers/aids who will give of themselves. It isn't just a job to many. Those that it is just a job are miserable and you can tell, they make the life of the student miserable right along with them.Anyway, just wanted to thank-you even though you are not a teacher of my son, but I am sure those parents of the kids you have contact with would say what you are doing could never be measured.Caedmon is so lucky to have such a caring mom, who is willing to share her love with others--he will learn so much from watching you as he grows.

wildflower said...

I'm glad your job is working out for you... I've missed you lots.
It was fun to see all the pictures of the babe too. What a sweetie!
I think of you often.

The VanderZwaag's said...

and I love working with you!!!! I'm glad it is going so well. It is nice to have someone else going through the same things and having a "mother" that has already gone through them to help us too! But wait...I only like you because you have a baby...that's right!!! See you Tuesday!

Philip said...

Hey Keelie's back in the blogosphere. Glad to hear things are going well for you. One of these weekends I'll have to make a point to see you while your up in this general area.

Baby Love said...

Welcome back to the grownup-speak world. As much as I love spending time with Christopher at home, it is also very nice to have variety (other than changing diapers, feedings and baby talk). I feel that I am a better wife and mother after starting work. I feel well balanced with work and spending time with Christopher.