Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snow Days
There are many reasons I love working in the school system. One of them is snow days!:) What other job out there pays you to stay at home because of inclement weather?! Whenever anyone gives me a hard time about this ("must be nice..." blah,blah,blah) I just tell them that they chose the wrong profession.:)
This is only my third week of work and I've already had two snow days! I'm told this is very rare for the Ottawa ISD to close - they have to have a certain percentage of the county's schools close before they can. We've had some pretty bad weather these last two weeks!
But now that I'm only working part time, I don't actually wish for snow days - I enjoy work. But I'm also driving 30-45 minutes and I'd rather not drive on bad roads. So although I don't necessarily wish for a day off, I'm relieved not to have to drive in bad weather!

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kathy said...

I love snow days to:)