Tuesday, April 15, 2008

6 Month Portraits

I got my pictures back last Friday! I spent too much money, but decided it was worth every penny! I had so much fun with the whole experience! Caedmon was quite the poser and was adored by all the photographers!:) The lady showing me his pictures to pick out did not do a very good job of helping me narrow the pickings down!

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure...

Yes, he did this pose all by himself!

(Was not planning on any angel pics, but this one I couldn't resist!:))

I bought one sheet of each of these pictures! I know, I know, but how could I resist?!


Keithslady said...

How adorable!! I think my favorites are the first and the last, not that it matters. I just love the expressions and that sparkle in his eye.

Anonymous said...

Simply Precious!!

auntlori said...

Thanks for sharing Keelie-
He's beautiful!
Hugs to you all- Lori

Mikaela said...

He's such a handsome little man! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Keelie- soo cute!!! I don't know if you remember but last year I worked at a photo studio and I had to take pictures of little babies, and seeing these pictures brought back all these memories of making noises and squeezing noise makers to get the kids to smile! But Caedmon has great facial expressions in these. He's adoreable! And this is my first time every commenting :) Love you