Monday, April 28, 2008

7 Months Old!

Floor time!:)

Ready to go to bed

Wow! Where does time go...I mean really! Seven months ago today, I gave birth to my precious little boy! It's mind baffling how fast they grow!

He's at such a fun stage! We're thoroughly enjoying him!

The latest:
  • teething - 4 teeth on top making their way down, one has broke the surface finally
  • laziness - he was rolling front to back, back to front quite a bit for a few days, but as of late, it's just easier to lay on his back I guess
  • solids he's tried: rice cereal(commercial and homemade), avacado, sweet potato, and banana. Likes it all, but I think the rice cereal may be too bland by itself. Not sure what we'll try next
  • sleeping - doing pretty good through the night. A couple nights ago, he cried off and on half heartedly from 3:30a.m. to about 4:10a.m. I never went in and he finally fell back to sleep. He's inconsistent, but doing better.
There you have it!:)

He's a joy, a blessing! We can't imagine life without him!


Keithslady said...

Thanks for the update. He's just a doll. Pretty soon he'll be getting married..... Just 4 more days for Keith and Coley!

Keelie said...

Aunt Cindy! I can't even think that far ahead! I don't want that day to come any time soon! I can't imagine letting go right now!