Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stickin' To My Guns

Last night was night #4 of my new philosophy with Caedmon and sleeping.

Night #1, Wednesday, he woke up at 11p.m. and cried for an hour. That was the hardest night for me!

Night #2, I decided to try putting him to bed awake. So we played after eating, changed into pj's, read a book and then went to bed. He fussed for about 5 minutes, fell asleep and slept till 4:30a.m.! Wow, that was too easy!

Night #3, we did about the same, and again he fussed probably less than 5 minutes and went to sleep. Slept till 5:30a.m.! Should have started this a LONG time ago!

Night #4...o.k., I knew it couldn't be THAT easy!:/ He fell asleep at his 7:30p.m. feeding. I put his pj's on, waking him up and then put him in his crib. It took longer to fall asleep this time. I had to go back once and I stood there while he fell asleep. He woke up twice before 2:15a.m. and then woke up at 2:15a.m. and cried for an hour.:( It was not a good night! I went in to check on him periodically, and if I stood there he stopped crying, but he was wide awake! As soon as I'd leave, he'd cry again. When he finally went to sleep, it was with me standing next to his crib with my back to him.

I've been thinking about me going in and checking on him. I think I need to do this for me more than anything. So I know that he knows that I'm still here and haven't abandoned him. Last night, I was beginning to wonder what I've done wrong that he wakes up and cries for an hour if I'm not near by. It seems like he's insecure without me there. Anyway, I was thinking that he really needs to learn to comfort himself without me coming in and doing it for him. But I'm not sure how to do this. He's a stubborn guy, and I guess I'm not as stubborn as he is. I hate to hear him cry for too long and I really hate when he gets extremely upset!

I go back to work tomorrow and I'm really hoping for more than a couple hours of sleep!


Baby Love said...

With Christopher, he never really woke during the night crying. It was mostly trying to get him to fall asleep at bedtime. I am not sure what kind of advice to give you for those hr long cry fests in the middle of the night... I can say that when I would check on him while he cried in his crib, he would cry worse and become more upset. So unless he has himself pulled up to a kneeling position, I won't really let him know that I am in the room. We have been really lucky so far with Christopher. I can only imagine with this next one, we won't be as lucky.

Anonymous said...

I remember doing the same thing-- checking on the kids but being in the room made the anxiety worse.Corey may have already told you Keelie so if he already passed this on them just skip over it. I was wondering if Caedmon had a special blanket. One he has when he is nursing (not a knitted one . Maybe like silk ..... one that will last alot of washing and him being able to carry as he continues to grow. My kids loved their snuggly.... when I put them bed I would tell them to snuggle with their blanky. Have it next to his face as he nurses before bed and your scent will be on it, this too will help with his need to feel secure.I noticed that he didn't really care for his pacifier -- Does he take that at night? Hope this helps and I am not butting in too much-- Luv you guys -- Hang in there , Kathy