Thursday, August 2, 2007

8 Months and Counting

Here I am, 8 months (32 weeks) pregnant. I can't believe how time is flying! I only have 8 weeks or so to go! Whoa!!

Corey and I have started childbirth education classes. I'm loving them - they're so informative and I'm feeling like I'll be able to go into this process with a little bit of confidence. Confidence only in knowing at least what to expect...somewhat. I just don't want to be a mother who let's the doctors, nurses, hospital in general do whatever they want because I don't have a clue!

So, Tuesday night we had class and at the end, we (I mostly) had to do a visualization. Our instructor took us through the labor process step by step, with me breathing, relaxing and picturing what she said. I don't have the best of imaginations, so this was a little difficult for me, until...

Until it came time to visualize baby coming out and being placed on my chest. At this point, I had no problem visualizing and I got all teary-eyed! Wow! I'm about to have a BABY! This fact still awes me at times!

The process of labor is daunting - kind of scary. But I'm trying to get into a mindset that my body knows what to do, the pain is for a purpose, and I get to meet my son or daughter at the end of it! That last part is very exciting!

I went to the doctor today and got a good report. I was able to feel baby's head - he/she is in position!

What a miracle life is!


Brian said...

If you didn't already know, you will find out very soon what an awesome and wonderful and beautiful Creator we have.

Not just with the beautiful baby that you will have but (to quote my wife) how "natural" everything felt going through the process. There was pain involved but my body just felt like it knew what to do.

Don Hunter said...

Hey, talking as an experienced father who has seen how it is in hospitals, if you have a nurse you don't like or see something you don't approve of, say something. I know that sounds too easy but you need to be vocal, don't let them treat you like a nobody.

Keelie said...

Thanks guys!! I appreciate the encouragement!

Mikaela said...

Keelie :O)
You are beautiful and God is creating an amazing miracle inside of you! Enjoy these last few weeks! I know you're proably thinking, can't this just be over, but soon enough it will be and you will miss those kicking arms and legs inside of you. But then you will marvel at the miracle in your arms! God is good!
Love ya girl!